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Education for Justice and peace is a skill that must be nurtured

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RCF Educational Scholarships, a collection of scholarship programs and educational funding that emphasize education for justice and peace as a basic skill that must be universally nurtured.

Why choose Educational Scholarships as the recipient of donations?

RCF believes that education for justice and peace is a basic skill that must be universally nurtured. We also believe that education must be supported on a local to global scale.


Rachel Corrie Memorial Scholarship: This local scholarship at The Evergreen State College (Rachel Corrie's alma mater) in Olympia, WA was established in 2006. For over a decade, selected students interested in peace, justice and conflict resolution studies; international relations; Arab culture and Arabic language; and US policy in the Middle East have received RCF funding for their educational pursuits. Many recipients of the scholarship have continued on to become active volunteers for RCF, progressed to related Master's and PhD programs, and taken on leadership roles in the fight for Palestinian rights. RCF is currently awarding $3,000 annually for this scholarship-enough to cover at least one full quarter of tuition.


Funding Support for Students & Young Activists: RCF financially supports students and young activists across the United States in an effort to build stronger coalitions and networks of young individuals committed to peace and justice. RCF has supported student attendance from Western Washington University and The Evergreen State College at the Students for Justice in Palestine national conferences, provided staff-led BDS workshops and educational programming at colleges in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Washington, among others. Additionally, RCF has supported student groups in small and large grassroots organizing and advocacy campaigns at numerous colleges and universities. Supporting this work reinforces education for peace and justice as a basic skill, and emphasizes the importance and impact of grassroots organizing.


Birzeit University Women's Scholarship Program: For the past three years, RCF has fully funded the tuition, transportation, and supplies for an outstanding female student at Birzeit University in the West Bank, Palestine. This scholarship program is a tangible means of supporting female Palestinian students and building a global network of young individuals educated for peace and justice. The scholarship program aims to fully cover student expenses for an academic year, approximately $4,000.